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  • Mookie is 14 years old. He is partially blind and deaf but still a great friend and loyal pet. Depaw is always ready to make accommodations for Mookie - giving him walks because he cannot see to goto the doggy day care. Special permission to stay in because he does not do well in a cage.


  • Really enjoyed the workshop. Chad is very passionate and knowledgeable. I enjoyed learning about his training methods. I liked seeing the dogs in action and learning the choke hold was very useful. Watching the dogs interact including my own was fun and helpful. Thank you!

    K Shafman

  • This was very well-run! We were made comfortable and fed well! The content was excellent and critical for trainers who want to work with aggression. Chad is extremely passionate and yet practical. I would recommend.


  • From the moment i signed up until the last minute i felt supported and welcomed. I learned things I didnt think I would learn like the true definition of aggression. The layered stress model will be an invaluable part of my toolkit.

    Caiyn Ferri

  • I found the workshop to be very well put together and informative. It has got my gears turning and I am excited to put this into use. Everything Chad said just made sense. Thank you gys for doing this!