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Biology of Behavior

  • Jun 2 – 3, 2018
  • 9:00AM
  • 4:00PM
In dog training we normally seek to affect the consequences of behavior, but when we look instead at behavior as a consequence we can see things a bit differently. Understanding what drives behavior in the first place is a vital key to solving many complex behavior problems. Understanding behavior as a consequence not only of reinforcement history, but of biological factors that actually dictate available can demystify many issues.
In this two day workshop you will learn:
  • How emotional states determine value
  • The four “Blue Ribbon” emotions that drive choices
  • The essential process mammals use to determine relevance
  • How to utilize these concepts to reach dogs quickly to produce dramatic changes
We examine how to make behaviors “stick” by looking at the most consistent behaviors dog exhibit …
People often come to see dog trainers because their dogs have learned unwanted behaviors that are incredibly reliable, persistent in the absence of any apparent rewards, and often resistant to multiple attempts at punishment. These behaviors include jumping on people, leash reactivity, charging through doors, pulling on the leash, destructive chewing, excessive barking etc. The commands or tricks their owners have tried to teach them are never as reliable.
These unwanted behaviors are so strong because of the presence of three factors that are inherent to them all.
When these three elements are present not only will the dog learn but the dog will reliably perform the behavior.
We will take a look at ways to incorporate these elements into our own training and how to use them to change unwanted behavior.
We will look at how emotional states affect what is relevant to the dog, how to:
  • Recognize which emotional state is driving behavior
  • How create or change habits
  • How to switch emotional systems to switch outcomes
  • How to determine and create relevance
  •  And much more


This workshop is full of practical information applicable to both obedience and behavior modification.
Immerse yourself and your dog in the foundations of learning and modifying behavior for two-days and you’ll gain valuable tools for finding solutions to complicated behaviors.
Working spots and Audit spots available. Workshop will run from 9:00AM – 4:00PM each day with lunch break provided.
Working Spots $400
Audit Spots $450