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Pet Saver CPR & First Aid

  • Sep 9, 2017
  • 9:00am
  • 3:30pm

Join us for our Pet CPR & 1st Aid Class on Saturday, Aug12th or Saturday Sept. 9th. 9:00am-3:30pm.


US Army Veteran, kennel operator and

PetTech Instructor David Grooms will be

here at DePAW  to conduct a fun and

Informative PetSaver® class. Participants

will earn a 2-year Certificate of Training.


Here’s what’s covered in this 6-1/2-hour class:


Wellness for pet’s of all ages

Caring for your elder pet

You CAN brush your pet’s teeth!

Safely approaching and assessing a pet’s injuries

Restraining, muzzling and transporting an injured pet

CPR and rescue breathing for dogs and cats

Determining and assessing vitals

How to reduce a choking

Bleeding control and managing shock

Recognizing and preventing poisoning

Recognizing seizures

10 items you must have in your home 1st Aid Kit for your pet

10 situations that require immediate Veterinarian Care


Cost: $99 ($3 will be  donated back to local animal charity)

Participants will earn a 2-year Certificate of Training from PetTech

Location: DePAW Canine Campus, 100 S. Glengarry Dr. Geneva IL

To register: Call 630.232.8663 or email info@depawK9.com

*Light refreshments and snacks to be provided during class