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2016:School Nurse Note for DePAW Pet Parents: Health Notification


This is an unusual time of year for colds, but we have recently received some reports of kennel cough. Although the symptoms were not present during their stay, a few have come down with the symptoms within a few days upon departure from DePAW. In the case that your furry companion has come down with kennel cough, please let us know privately so we know and can help track these cases. There is no need to be alarmed, the number of cases in our facility is less than 1% of our guests, but as always we want to give you the heads up.

For those that want to learn more on kennel cough/bordetella keep reading.

Kennel cough is very similar to a chest cold. While irritating and unpleasant, it usually poses no serious health threat.

All of our doggie guests are required to be vaccinated against bordetella/kennel cough every 6 months, as well all the other vaccinations required by the Illinois Department of Agriculture. Within our facility, we have seen approx. a 50% reduction in our already low kennel cough rate since requiring it every 6 months vs annually.

Much like the flu vaccine, kennel cough vaccines cannot protect against all strains, so even a vaccinated dog may catch it. Just as with child care, there is always a chance a child can pick up a bug from his friends. Keep in mind, dogs are contagious before they start showing symptoms. Please keep your dog home if he is coughing or sneezing.

We recommend that if your dog begins to cough consult with your veterinarian, and we ask that you let us know right away via email or phone call

If you have any questions about your dog’s health or safety please feel free to call us and ask: 630-232-8663

You can find out more about kennel cough here: cut/paste link in your browser:

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