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Space Rental

Doggie Birthday Parties

$65.00 per hour, Space Rental – Doggie Birthday Parties
You can rent space by the hour for your dogs’ celebration. Parties are by appointment only. Space is confirmed only when entire amount is paid. You must cancel 7 days in advance to receive a 90% refund. Money is non refundable if cancellation is made 6 days (or less) prior to party and after the event. Inquire for availability. $20.00 clean up charge will be assessed if area is left in disarray. The $20.00 deposit will be refunded 24 hours after the event.

Treadmill walk/jog

Once your dog knows how to heel and stay, we can teach your dog to walk/jog the treadmill. Now you can request treadmill walks and jogs by appointment, during daycare visits, and/or during boarding visits.


Pamper your pet as he/she boards with us. As we massage your pet’s muscles and pressure points, we will give him/her that extra attention they deserve by one on one time, talking to them, and finish up with a special treat.

Special Treats

Peanut butter kong, doggie ice cream, baker cookies


  • Treadmill walk/jog
  • $10
  • per 30 minutes
  • Space Rental
  • Call for Quote
  • Massage
  • $10
  • per 10 minutes
  • Extra Walk
  • $10
  • per walk
  • These walks are in addition to regular let-outs during a boarding stay.