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Basic Bath

Although you may make an appointment at any time, these baths are great for pups that have been boarded and are ready to go home, or at the end of a daycare day. Dogs get dirty and slobbered on when they play. Request a bath at the end of your dogs stay!

Brush Teeth

We also massage the gum line to help the flow of blood to the gums. The final touch is a mist of breath freshener.

Self Bathe

Shampoo, Conditioner, Cologne, Dryer, Brushes, Nail Clippers, Ear Wash, Cotton Balls, Q-Tips, and One Towel per dog are available for your use. Bathe as many pets as you can within your budget. One and a half (1½) hour limit per visit. Be courteous of those waiting to use the amenities. First come, first serve. No appointments accepted.

Proof of up to date vaccines is required before bringing your dog to our facility. Click here to visit our Policies page for more information.


  • Basic Bath
  • $21-38
  • Includes: Shampoo, conditioner, dry
  • $21 Small dog: Under 15 lbs
  • $27 Medium dog: 16-39 lbs
  • $33 Large dog: 40-69 lbs
  • $38 Extra large dog: 70 lbs and over
  • Extras
  • $12-18
  • +$12 Brush teeth
  • +$18 Anal Glands
  • +$12 Nail trim (+$3 for dremel)
  • Self Bathe
  • $15
  • 30 minutes (+$2 every 5 minutes after)
  • All grooming supplies provided